In the heart of the city, you will find a haven of tranquility that captures the essence of a luxury spa experience. A temple of well-being inspired by the Mediterranean, offers a selection of divine relaxation and harmony.

Remaining true to Lisbon's charm, we have successfully combined the traditional with the cutting edge while maintaining a high level of personalization.

Discover a selection of wellness and beauty experiences during your visit to Lisbon in the tranquility of this 1500 sqm Mediterranean sanctuary. 



Aromatherapy Associates
For more than 30 years Aromatherapy Associates, a truly British brand, has been specializing in harnessing the natural healing powers of the finest natural ingredients, purest extracts and essential oils to include in their products and treatments.

Combined with their many years of experience as therapists they have seen first hand how essential oils have effectively enhanced the state of people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Their renowned and award-winning products and treatments have transformed the aromatherapy experience into something highly effective yet luxurious and exceptional.

Morjana France
In Morocco, Morjana is a small fragment of ocher coral famous for its protective and magical effects. It is a heirloom handed down from mother to daughter as a lucky charm.

Morjana was born from the discovery of a women's cooperative that produces Argan oil in Essaouira. In order to help these women in their project, the creation of Morjana seemed natural. Morjana's philosophy is based on the idea of sharing, an invitation to travel, fair trade and a commitment to ecological conservation of the Argan tree.

Through its authentic and innovative products, Morjana reveals the sumptuous and precious oriental beauty secrets to your senses. A true alliance between modernity and tradition, Morjana developed two complementary face, body and hair lines to meet the needs of spas and beauty salons looking for authenticity and expertise.

Express Facial - 25min
An Express treatment designed to condition and protect all skin types as well as relieve congested s ...
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